Getting started

Pikka is a tool for designers and developers that allows you to create, organize, edit and pick colours from the screen.

Minimum Requirements

To use the latest version of Pikka, you must be running macOS 11.0 or newer.

Download Pikka

You can download Pikka from the macOS AppStore for free.


Pikka is a free to use color picker for macOS. Almost every core feature is free. For using some PRO features you will be asked to unlock PRO version via in-app purchase for 14.99$.


Menu bar icon

You can access Pikka from the Menu Bar. The Pikka icon open the menu bar interface. From there you can access all Pikka features like colour picker, library, history, etc.

Access Pikka from menubar.

Color Picker

The Picker is the tool to pick colors. To pick a color from the screen, choose "Pick a color" from the menu bar. When you pick a color, it will be automatically added to the "History" folder in your color library.

Zoom Level

The picker’s zoom level can be customized as you need it. Change picker’s zoom level by pressing + / - keys on your keyboard.

Picking multiple colors

You can pick multiple colors sequentially. To do that, press and hold Shift Key on your keyboard. When you are done picking, press the ESC key.


You can configure a shortcut to show color picker using in "Preferences"

Pikka Preferences Window

Color Library

The color library helps you to organize all your colors in palettes and makes them always available.

Color library

You can open color library by clicking on "Color library" item from Menu Bar or using the shortcut defined in app preferences.
Color library appears on the left side of your screen per default. You can adjust the side by going to preferences and selecting the screen side that matches your needs.

Pikka preferences

Sorting palettes

To sort your color palettes you can use drag & drop to put a palette to the preferred position.

Delete a palette

Do delete a palette click on the trash icon on the right side.

Export a palette

Pikka can export color palettes to following formats:

  • CSS
  • Objective-C NSColor Category
  • Objective-C UIColor Category
  • Swift UIColor Category
  • Swift NSColor Category
  • Apple Color Palette (clr)
  • Adobe Swatch Exchange
Export palette

To export a pallete use the share button on the right side of the palette name.

Copy to clipboard

To copy a color value to clipboard simply click on the desired color in the palette.

Palette Detailed View

By clicking on the palette name or "settings" icon on the right side of the palette you can open the detailed palette view.

Color library

Now you can adjust every color by clicking on it. To rename a color or a palette name just click on the name and change it.

Color editor

Pikka makes it simple to create and edit colors.

Color and color scheme editor

You can access the editor view by clicking on a color in the palette list.

Edit color value

When color editor view is open you allow to edit the color in different ways:
- By changing RGB values
- By changing HSB values
- By changing HSL values
- By entering hex value
You can drag appropiate slider to change color values or enter the values directliy into the text fields beneath of sliders.

Color schemes

Color editor view automatically show color shades, mono, analogous, complementary and triad color schemes for the current color. Every scheme will be automatically adjusted by adjusting the color.
You can save any scheme by pressing the "…" button and chooising "Save palette to library".

Palette generator

Click on "+" button in the color library or use a shortcut to open palette generator view.

Palette generator

Use "magic pen" button to generate a new palette. You can lock any color by clicking on the "lock" button to avoid generating a new one.
To adjust the hue, saturation or brightnes of the whole palette use the "settings" button

Adjust the whole palette in palette generator view

You can also adjust every color manualy by clicking on the desired color.

Palette Generator

Colour contrast checker

Calculate the contrast ratio of text and background colors.

WCAG Contrast checker

To use, click on the "contrast" button in the color library. Add the Text and Background Colors by entering the hexadecimal value or opening the Color Panel (clicking on the color on the left of each input form). If your color contrast is failing, you can fix it manually on the hue, saturation and brightness sliders or you can use the fix button at the right of each input form. Using this option, Pikka adjusts the color brightness and saturation until the contrast is enough to pass as AAA.

Colour formats

By default, Pikka has 28 of the most popular formats in the industry.To use them, select the Color Formats drop-down menu in the menu bar and select the format you need.
Currently, Pikka allows you to convert colors into these formats:

  • CSS Hex
  • Swift UIColor RGB
  • Swift UIColor HSB
  • Swift NSColor RGB
  • Swift NSColor Device RGB
  • Swift NSColor calibrated RGB
  • Swift NSColor device HSB
  • Swift NSColor calibrated HSB
  • Objevtive-C UIColor RGB
  • Objevtive-C UIColor HSB
  • Objective-C NSColor RGB
  • Objective-C NSColor Device RGB
  • Objective-C NSColor Calibrated RGB
  • Objective-C NSColor Device HSB
  • Objective-C NSColor Calibrated HSB
  • Java RGB
  • Java RGBA
  • Android RGB
  • Android RGBA
  • Android XML ARGB
  • .NET RGB
  • Float4
Suported color formats in Pikka